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cause i love the simple thought of you

#010 - 10 caitlin stasey twitter icons (240x240)

«juliet says hey it's romeo you nearly gave me a heart attack»

CREDIT ON TWITTER @blainersbowtie

#009 - 16 merthur twitter icons

«now i am strong, you gave me all, you gave all you had and now i am home»

CREDIT ON TWITTER @blainersbowtie

#008 - 15 twitter icons (240x240)

«and i will give you all my heart so we can start it all over again»

CREDIT ON TWITTER @blainersbowtie

2 kurt + blaine - 2 rachel berry - 2 rachel + blaine - 4 marley rose - 5 brittany s. pearce

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#007 - 8 twitter icons (240x240) + 1 banner

«and i've just let these little things slip out of my mouth»

CREDIT ON TWITTER @blainersbowtie

uhm, basically
- 1D came here in Italy on 11/01 (X Factor Italia)
- I managed to get the tickets for their concert in Milan on 05/20/13 (my birthday)
- little things is pure poetry (aaww Ed) and I love it so so much I can't even
well, here few things! wish I had more time to graphic though.

#006 - 14 twitter icons (240x240)

«the boy with the curls. who wouldn't love him?»

CREDIT ON TWITTER @blainersbowtie

no seriously harry's like a pure concentrate of energy, talent and sweetness.
it's pretty strange because I've used old & new pics: two years ago he was such a baby <3 and still is.
well, so much love for this boy who thinks his hair is bipolar.

#005 - 8 taylor swift twitter icons (240x240)

«faster than the wind, passionate as sin, ending so suddenly»

CREDIT ON TWITTER @blainersbowtie

oh! I'm finally able to make a post on this thing (: it's not that much though.
I'm really enjoying taylor swift's new songs and I can't wait for her new album "Red" to come out (10/22/12).
so I made few twitter pics (the photoshoot is awesome).

#004 - stiles stilinski appreciation + 70 (mostly stiles & lydia) 2.12 icons

I feel like I need to make an intro here because of reasons!
I loved Teen Wolf's season finale so so much, it made me forget about the lack of Stiles + Derek (who are my lovely, perfect and main OTP on the show) scenes.
First of all: Stiles Stilinski. Oh god, all of his scenes were so touching and heart-breaking.. I could see pain in his eyes all the time. I mean, in my opinion, he's for sure TW's best character and always will. I loved how he behaved towards Lydia and I found them very sweet, even if we all know her true love is Jackson (and personally I couldn't agree more because I really really like them together!). Not mentioning the scene between him and his father...
I also loved the last Stiles + Scott scene and... the beautiful Stiles' jeep shooting *lol*
Well, I guess I've bored you enough, haven't I?

- 37 stiles stilinski
- 3 stiles + mr. stilinski
- 8 stiles + lydia
- 19 lydia martin (1 + jackson's hand *lol*)
- 3 stiles' jeep (1 + stiles & scott)
credit @truelove-boat if you take (:

#003 - 40 glee (+cast) icons

- 5 blaine anderson
- 9 chris colfer
- 6 blaine anderson + kurt hummel

- 12 lea michele (old berry + new berry)
- 2 lea michele + dean geyer
- 6 lea michele + chris colfer
credit @truelove-boat if you take (:

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#002 - 30 icons

- 15 teen wolf cast (dylan o'brien, tyler hoechlin, tyler posey, holland roden, colton haynes)
- 3 stiles + derek (teen wolf)
2 stiles stilinski (teen wolf)

- 5 alek + chloe (the nine lives of chloe king)
- 2 denny + izzie (grey's anatomy)
- 3 alex + izzie (grey's anatomy)
credit @truelove-boat if you take (:


#001 - bunch of 30 old icons

- 11 freddie + effy (skins)
- 6 emily browning
- 4 eternal sunsine of the spotless mind
- 1 nina dobrev + ian somerhalder

- 1 emma watson + rupert grint
- 3 bella swan + edward cullen (breaking dawn pt. 1)
4 lea michele

credit @truelove-boat if you take (: